Home Monitoring

We provide property preservation and home inspections in your absence. We will close your home up when you leave and open it up when you return. Our services include but are not limited to plumbing adjustments, preparing hurricane shutters and airing out the house. Monthly inspections include the interior and exterior of your home. We check all plumbing connections and run the lines, test fire alarms, replace filters (if needed) and make sure pests remain outside, not in. We are happy to coordinate and meet with any third party that needs entry into your home. Housekeepers, workers, etc. will be let in and out of the property supervised.


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Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly Visits

  • Oversee lawn & garden for presentation
  • Monitor temperature settings
  • Exterior Mold Inspection
  • Maintain functionality of all appliances, shutters fans etc. by test operation
  • Roof and Ridge Vent Inspection
  • Check all window and door seals for any leaks or cracks
  • Replace any filters or light bulbs
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